invariant property

propiedad invariante

English-Spanish mathematics dictionary. . 1964.

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  • Invariant — may have several meanings, among which are:* Invariant (computer science), an expression whose value doesn t change during program execution * In computer science, a type in overriding that is neither covariant nor contravariant * Invariant… …   Wikipedia

  • Invariant (mathematics) — In mathematics, an invariant is a property of a class of mathematical objects that remains unchanged when transformations of a certain type are applied to the objects. The particular class of objects and type of transformations are usually… …   Wikipedia

  • Invariant estimator — In statistics, the concept of being an invariant estimator is a criterion that can be used to compare the properties of different estimators for the same quantity. It is a way of formalising the idea that an estimator should have certain… …   Wikipedia

  • Invariant basis number — In mathematics, the invariant basis number (IBN) property of a ring R is the property that all free modules over R are similarly well behaved as vector spaces, with respect to the uniqueness of their ranks. Definition A ring R has invariant basis …   Wikipedia

  • Invariant (physics) — In mathematics and theoretical physics, an invariant is a property of a system which remains unchanged under some transformation.The gravitational field of the Sun is invariant under a change of time (from, say, now to tomorrow). It is also… …   Wikipedia

  • J-invariant — nome q on the unit diskIn mathematics, Klein s j invariant, regarded as a function of a complex variable tau;, is a modular function defined on the upper half plane of complex numbers. We can express it in terms of Jacobi s theta functions, in… …   Wikipedia

  • Kazhdan's property (T) — In mathematics, a locally compact topological group G has property (T) if the trivial representation is an isolated point in its unitary dual equipped with the Fell topology. Informally, this means that if G acts unitarily on a Hilbert space and… …   Wikipedia

  • Graph property — In graph theory a graph property is any inherently graph theoretical property of graphs (formal definitions follow), distinguished from properties of graphs described in terms of various graph representations: graph drawings, data structures for… …   Wikipedia

  • Time-invariant system — A time invariant system is one whose output does not depend explicitly on time.:If the input signal x produces an output y then any time shifted input, t mapsto x(t + delta), results in a time shifted output t mapsto y(t + delta).Formal: If S is… …   Wikipedia

  • Geometric invariant theory — In mathematics Geometric invariant theory (or GIT) is a method for constructing quotients by group actions in algebraic geometry, used to construct moduli spaces. It was developed by David Mumford in 1965, using ideas from the paper… …   Wikipedia

  • Adiabatic invariant — An adiabatic invariant is a property of a physical system which stays constant when changes are made slowly.In thermodynamics, an adiabatic process is a change that occurs without heat flow and slowly compared to the time to reach equilibrium. In …   Wikipedia

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